DALILA Info-Days

Uganda Christian University wins Renewable Energy Project Grant
16 November 2020
Presentation of the Dalila project
20 November 2020


Who organizes?UCU, UMU, SUZA, UDOM with support from A Sud and all other DALILA partners
What ?The Info Day: An Open Day organized one year prior to the opening of the new DALILA academic curricula
When ?November, December 2020
Where ?In every university campus
Why ?  1) TO DISSEMINATE INFORMATION on the project, related activities, and approved new DALILA courses. 2) TO RAISE AWARENESS among the academic community and young entrepreneurs about: climate change, environmental protection, renewable energy and resource efficiency, green entrepreneurship and existing green jobs opportunities. 3) TO INCREASE STUDENTS’ INTEREST ON GREEN TECHNOLOGIES AND ECONOMY, on alternative market opportunities, motivating them to attend the modules.

More details on the Info Days

The Info Days are part of the working package 1, task 1.4 of the DALILA project. This activity takes place in every African university involved in the project, in the form of an Open Day organized in every university one year prior to the opening of the new academic curricula and has the following objectives:

  • Raise awareness among the academic community (professors, enrolled and candidate bachelor, master and PhD students) and young entrepreneurs about: climate change issues and its international governance processes; environmental protection and renewable energy and efficiency; green entrepreneurship as alternative market and economy opportunities existing green jobs opportunities.
  • Dissemination of information on the project, related activities, and approved new courses.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak and the freezing of all activities concerning the organizations of in person events and mobility, including the planned travel of European partners to Tanzania and Uganda in autumn 2020 and considering the uncertain development of the COVID-19 spread and the consequent evolution of the internal lockdown in Tanzania and Uganda (including the activities of universities involved in the project), a restructuring of the Info-Days was necessary. As consequence, short thematic videos were prepared with participation of all partners and under the coordination and supervision of A Sud on the key themes of DALILA project.

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