Project update: what objectives and goals have been achieved so far?

The Tanzania startup ecosystem
5 January 2021
Release of 6 new courses on “Renewable Technologies” and “Green Economy”
9 July 2021
  • The syllabi for the new courses on Renewable Technologies and Green Economy have been elaborated and approved for their inclusion in the Beneficiary Universities’ academic programs.
  • Agreement for the Joint use of Green Labs approved by the Steering and Scientific Committee.
  • 10 promotional videos have been elaborated on the main topics of the project: climate change, renewable technologies, green economy, new opportunity of employability in the green sectors. These videos can be found on DALILA YouTube page (
  • 4 Info-days on Climate change and Environmental protection have been held in each Partner University with the participation of students, professors, staff, local stakeholders. Promotional material (info graphics, short videos, fliers) have been previously developed ad hoc to be used as informative material during these events.

WP2: DEVELOPMENT OF COMPETENCES AND NEW COURSES 6 teaching books have been elaborated through the collaboration of professors and members of the Consortium, which will support the students’ learning:
  • Business and Financial Models for Renewable Energy
  • Renewable Energy Financing & Modelling
  • Renewable Energy Enterprises’ Management - Support to business and enterprises in RE
  • Renewable energy technologies and decentralization of energy production
  • Energy and Sustainable development
  • Energy efficiency (residential and industrial sectors) and storage applications

  • An E-Learning Platform has been created (, where MOOCs, didactic materials and additional teaching material is uploaded to be available to the Beneficiary Students, Professors and all project partners.

Coming soon:
  • An online Scientific Symposium will occur in September 2021. The symposium will be organized in parallel sessions, one for each course, and will be attended by the professors in charge of the delivery of the new modules at each Beneficiary University.
  • 4 Green Laboratories projects will be installed at the premises of the 4 African Universities in Tanzania and Uganda. The laboratories will be equipped and opened for students' works and the equipment will correspond to local needs and according to the didactic plan.
  • Elaboration of DALILA MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) on “Renewable technologies and Sustainable development” and “Business Models for Renewable Energy”. Each MOOC will be composed by 12 videos of 10 minutes each.

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