Call for applications to the European Internship

Partner Universities of DALILA consortium:
Uganda Martyrs University,
Uganda Christian University,
University of Dodoma,
State University of Zanzibar


Students of University of Dodoma and State University of Zanzibar:
15th August, 2022

Students of Uganda Martyrs University and Uganda Christian University:
23rd October, 2022

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What is the European Internship?

To enhance students’ International Mobility DALILA project organizes a Specializing Internship in Europe.
The best n. 16 students, n. 4 students from each African Partner of DALILA consortium, who have attended at least one of the DALILA courses, will have the opportunity to participate in a four-week Internship at the European Universities involved in the project.
Specializing Courses on Renewable energy and business will be organized at Sapienza University of Rome in Italy (two weeks) and at the University of Cadiz in Spain (two weeks) in collaboration with ASUD and INOMA. Activities will include additional lectures, technical visits, seminars of European stakeholders operating in sustainable technologies and green economy fields.

Selection criteria

The two-step selection procedure consists in:
1. Institutional assessment carried out by the University of origin aimed to draw up a short list of students who can submit the online application for the participation to the internship. The pre-selection will consider n. 3 macro criteria: knowledge, Sustainable Business Solution and Innovative solution.

Test AreaAssessmentMaximun rate
KnowledgeDemonstration of taught DALILA modules
Practical linkage of module knowledge to country context
The future prospect of using DALILA-acquired knowledge
Sustainable Business Solution The student shall make a not more than 10-minute pitch in which they shall demonstrate an understanding of the current country’s status in regard to renewable energy and propose possible points of intervention to promote the use of clean energy in line with DALILA objectives such as to boost entrepreneurship40
Innovative solution The originality of the solution proposed
Scalability of the solution/ business sustainability
The ability for the solution to be multiplied

For more information, procedure and deadline, please write to the following emails or refer to the Official website of your university.
University of Dodoma:
State University of Zanzibar:
Uganda Christian University:
Uganda Martyrs University:

2. 2. Only the selected students can submit to the online application. Applicant is invited to:
  • Fill up the e-form with all the administrative data
  • Upload an updated curriculum vitae (max 4 pages) showing the level of competencies, working experiences, personal capabilities
  • Write a motivation letter (max 1 page), describing and motivating the reasons of the interest in the participation.

Selected students in the step1 will be evaluated by the Steering and Scientific Committee (SSC) considering the final examination of DALILA courses and the expression of interest, according with the following criteria:

DocumentCriteriaMaximum Rate
Curriculum vitaeNumber of attended DALILA courses
Average grade in final examinations of DALILA courses
Working experience in the topics of DALILA Courses
Specialization courses on the topics of DALILA Courses
Motivation LetterReasons for the participation in the internship
Description of skills or qualities that will benefit the internship
Described impact of the internship for the future

In order to guarantee an equal distribution between genders, two additional points will be recognized in case of female participation. Three additional points will be attributed to people from disadvantaged categories (person with disability, refugee). If existing, previous conditions must be clearly reported in the CV.


  • To expand horizons
  • To develop professional, social and intercultural skills
  • To enhance the opportunity of employability
  • To learn transferable skills, such as problem-solving, the ability to work as part of a team and curiosity
  • To better understand of what to do in the future
  • To develop collaboration with International stakeholders
  • To enter in touch with European Institutions and academic staff


The European Internships are scheduled per Beneficiary Universities as following:

Students from University of Dodoma and State University of Zanzibar
  • from 9th of January to 3rd of February, 2023

Students from Uganda Christian University and Uganda Martyrs University:
  • from 9th of January to 3rd of February, 2023
For the application as participant (step 2), please refer to the table below:
LocationStart date for applicationDeadline for applicationPublication of selection results
University of Dodoma and State University of Zanzibar1st August, 202215th August, 202219th August, 2022
Uganda Christian University and Uganda Martyrs University12th October, 202223rd October, 202231st October, 2022
The detailed agenda with further information related to the European Internship will be provided soon on this platform.

Fee for the participation

Travel costs and costs of stay of participants will be paid by the DALILA project, according to the ERASMUS+ programme’s unit costs. No fee will be paid for the participation in the Internships.

List of Selected Students in Tanzania
The European Internship is an official activity of DALILA - Development of new Academic curricuLa on sustaInabLe energies and green economy in Africa, a project funded in the framework of ERASMUS+ Capacity Building in Higher Education.