Sapienza University of Rome

Katiuscia Cipri
Katiuscia Cipri is Professor of “Renewable Energy from Geological Sources” and “Wind Technologies sizing, development and optimization” at Sapienza University. MSc in Engineering, PhD in Energetic, her research interests are in the fields of renewable energy technologies, energy efficiency and management, cryogenic systems and Stirling engine. Katiuscia Cipri was project coordinator of n. 2 TEMPUS projects, MANSUR in Jordan and JAMILA in Egypt and Palestine, and n. 2 ERASMUS+ KA2 projects in Viet Nam (ECO-RED) and Latin America (DIEGO). She was also local coordinator of MUREE project. At present, she is coordinating n. 2 ERASMUS+ proposals in MENA Countries (DESIRE, WESET).
In the framework of DALILA project she cover the role of Project Coordinator, assuring the achievement of the main results and supporting the partners in the elaboration of the didactic materials, in the providing of the new courses (in presence and online), in the installation of the innovative laboratories and in the issues concerning the activities and financial supervising.

Giovanni Paolo Romano
Giovanni Paolo Romano is Full Professor in Fluid Mechanics at the Faculty of Civil and Industrial Engineering, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, "La Sapienza" University in Roma, since 2005.
Research Interests: Experimental Fluid Mechanics by using advanced optical techniques as Particle Image Velocimetry, Laser Induced Fluorescence, Laser Doppler Anemometry, Global Phase Doppler applied to Turbulent Jets, Wakes and Boundary Layers, Horizontal and Vertical Axis Wind Turbines, Blade sections and Airfoils, Two phase flows and sprays, Microfluidics with applications to energy engineering as in fuel cells and micromixers.
Involved in several Italian and International research projects, as IST 2002-2005, FIRB 2003, PRIN 2005, FP6 2006-2010, PRIN 2007, PRIN 2018, and in collaborations with companies and industries.
Member of the Editorial Advisory Board of the Journal Experiments in Fluids, of the Advisory Committee for the International Symposium on Applications of Laser Techniques in Fluid Mechanics and International Workshop on PIV.
Teaching activities: courses of Basic Fluid-Mechanics, Advanced Fluid Mechanics, Experimental Fluid-Mechanics, Experimental Aerodynamics since 1995. Academic Management: Coordinator of Energy Engineering Degree Courses at La Sapienza University of Rome from 2012 to 2019. Coordinator of Erasmus mobility programs in the period 2008-2018.
In DALILA, he is responsible for the elaboration of the technical courses on renewable energy and energy efficiency, and for the design and installation of the new laboratories.

Gabriella Calderari
PhD in sustainable development and international cooperation. Researcher in the field of International and European Energy law with attention to legislations and energy policies for the deployment of renewable energy. Lawyer specialized in European Law (University of Bologna) and management of European funds (FP6, FP7, Horizon2020, Intelligent Energy, Tempus, Erasmus+). Project manager since 2007 at Sapienza University of Rome, dealing with European project’s general and financial management.
In DALILA she deals with the financial management of the project. Moreover, she is responsible for a Laboratory on project management and a course about sustainable economy.

Marcella Corsi
Marcella Corsi is Full Professor of Economics at Sapienza University of Rome. She holds a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Manchester (UK) and a degree in Statistics/Economics from University of Rome “La Sapienza”. She has worked as consultant for European Commission, European Parliament and OECD, and for several Italian institutions. She is among the founders of the web-magazine inGenere ( and the association Economia Civile ( She participates to DALILA activities as coordinator of Minerva - Laboratory on Diversity and Gender Inequality (

Giulia Zacchia
Giulia Zacchia is research fellow in economics at the Department of Statistics of Sapienza University of Rome, where she collaborates with Minerva - Laboratory on Gender Diversity and Gender Inequality ( She holds a PhD in Economics. Her research interests extend to social and financial inclusion, gender economics in labor markets and in academia, financial literacy and microfinance. She is one of the founders of the Working Group on Gender Economics for the Young Scholars Initiative of the Institute of New Economic Thinking (INET). She is member of the executive committee of STOREP (Italian Association for the History of Political Economy) and of the editorial board of the journal Moneta e credito. Her research on the impact of sexual harassment on wage gaps is currently supported by a grant from INET.
In DALILA project, she is responsible for the green economics courses that will be implemented in the partners’ universities

Laura Fantini
Laura Fantini holds a Ph.D. in Development Evaluation and is a senior expert in designing, managing, monitoring and evaluating development projects. She has a multifaceted competence in designing, managing, monitoring and evaluating international projects and programmes in the field of development in several countries of the Global South. Her experience in development projects began in 2004; from 2007 to 2012 she coordinated the International University Cooperation Unit within the Interuniversity Research Centre for Sustainable Development of Sapienza University of Rome. Currently, she works as M&E independent consultant for several EU funded projects, among which DALILA, and is the co-convener of the Working Group on Development Evaluation at the Italian Evaluation Association (AIV).

Costanza Cucuzzella
Costanza Cucuzzella holds a Ph.D. in Engineering and Applied Science from Aston University (Birmingham, UK), where she specialized in nanostructured catalytic systems for the synthesis of chemicals, with a focus on biomass conversion and sustainable chemistry. Subsequently, at the same university she conducted research in the fields of bioenergy and gender equality. Currently, she is a researcher at Sapienza University of Rome and in the DALILA framework is responsible for the coordination of dissemination and communication activities.

Aurora Oggioni
Aurora Oggioni is a senior expert in finance management of E.C. projects. She holds a degree in Economics and after working in the private sector for a few years, she found that the Non-Profit sector embraced her ethics and values. In the past ten years she has managed various projects in several countries of the Global South. Until 2011 she has worked for an Italian NGO as finance manager at headquarter level managing the accountability and financial reporting, and from 2011 she was responsible for the direct implementation and project’s general management dealing with donors, local partners, stakeholders and beneficiaries. Currently, she works as Admin and Finance independent consultant for several EU funded projects, among which DALILA, where she ensures that the documentation provided meets Donor's requirements regarding procurement procedures and contracts.

UCA University of Cadiz

Rafael Jiménez Castañeda
The academic titles are Technical Engineer in Electricity 1986, Industrial Organization Engineer 1998 and Eng PhD Industrial Engineer program 2005, in Cadiz University. 5 PhD thesis directed in the last 5 years. The research line is developed in optimization of PV installation, Decentralized Generation of Electric Energy and small windmills for grid connected, working with different manufacturer to test the new models and improve the performance of this commercial models. In this moment the scientific objectives, to short and medium time, are small windmills to self-consumption electric energy, and optimization on PV large plants, using advanced technology of maintenance based on infrared analysis on ground and on board of UAV.

SUZA The State University of Zanzibar

Dr. Said S. Bakari
holds a PhD in Environmental Geochemistry, who worked on the impact of climate change on groundwater quality and recharge of the great coastal groundwater systems in Tanzania. He has a varied and well-documented background in Environmental Engineering (BSc-Univ of Dar-Es-Salaam), Chemistry, Biology and Marine Science (MSc, University of Ryukyus, Japan), and finally a PhD in Environmental Chemistry and –Geology at University of Oslo, Norway.
Bakari has been head of Department of Natural Science at SUZA for the past 5 years. He has been taught both students of undergraduate and postgraduate in the field of Environmental science, Public health, Climate change, Hydrology and Geochemistry. He has been involved in supervision of over 12 Master’s projects and 18 undergraduate research. Bakari has been already published more than dozen of articles in peer reviewed journals and presented his work in several international conferences around the world. He is also a member of Environmental analysis research group, working in collaboration with other natural and social scientists to generate knowledge for sustainable management of our natural resources. In the last 8 years, he has served as a Principal Investigator for two projects and Co-Applicant for 4 research projects.
Bakari is a Professional Registered Environmental Consultant through Zanzibar Environmental Management Authority. His expertise in organization and management of audits at various industrial facilities to determine their compliance status with existing and forcasted environmental regulations.
In DALILA project, Bakari is working as a Local Project coordinator for all activities assigned to the State University of Zanzibar. He is a member of Stearing Committee and involved in course development, implementation and dissemination of project outputs.

Abdallah Ahmed Suleiman
MSC in Human Resource Management, Advance Diploma in Educational Planning and Administration, a Senior Academic Officer in Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic, Research and Consultancy.
Project Administrator and in charge of Financial Matters in DALILA Project.

Ali Hamad Ali
is an assistant lecturer of Physics and head of Physics Panel in the Department of Natural Sciences of the State University of Zanzibar (SUZA). He has MSc. in RF & Microwaves and an MBA in Marketing. He is a member of DALILA project and head of Engineering Unit dealing with all matters regarding engineering courses and laboratory equipment at SUZA.
He is also instructor of Energy efficiency (residential and industrial sectors) and storage applications

Dr. Gharib M. Hamza
is a Principal Laboratory Scientist at the Department of Natural Sciences of the State University of Zanzibar (SUZA). He Holds a PhD in Applied Nuclear Physics from University of the Western Cape (South Africa) and MSc. in Radiation Detection and Instrumentation from University of Surrey (UK). His areas of research interest include radioactivity measurements; study of radiation interaction and transport; radiation protection (personal and environmental); and radioecology. He works as laboratory scientist since 2007 with responsibilities of organising and facilitating laboratory sessions for Physics Undergraduate students. In DALILA he is responsible for Renewable Energy Laboratory at SUZA as well as teaching a module on Renewable Energy technologies and decentralisation of Electricity.

Dr. Makame Omar
PhD in Environmental Science, Senior Lecturer in Environmental Studies and Geography and head Department of Social Sciences of the School of Natural and Social Sciences.
In DALILA PROJECT: Instructor- Energy and Sustainable development

Dr. Salum Suleiman Ali
Lecturer; School of Business, State University of Zanzibar.
DALILA role: business course team leader in SUZA, main Instructor of Renewable Energy Enterprises’ Management and Support to business and enterprises in RE, content developer.

Dr. Estella Ngoma Hassan
Head of the Economics Departments in the school of Business. currently heading the Economics in DALILA PROJECT ASSOCIATE RESEARCH ASSISTANT.

Sara Khamis
PhD in Mathematical and Computer Sciences and Engineering, Lecturer in Mathematics courses. I am also head of Department of Natural.
The DALILA PROJECT is under this department. Thus my main task in DALILA is to deal with administrative issues.

UDOM University of Dodoma

Said A. H. Vuai
Associate Professor and Principal, College of Natural and Mathematical Sciences of the University of Dodoma since 2016. He is a Chairperson of Tanzania Forensic Association. During his academic carrier Prof. Vuai has participated in number of national, regional and International projects. He has served as a Principal Investigator for three projects and Co-PI for other 5 research projects. Prof. Vuai has published a total of 32 papers in international peer reviewed journals and presented 14 conference papers. He has experience in design and implantation of research on environmental Science and Environmental Sustainability Assessment. He is a graduate of Chemical and Process Engineering at the University of Dar es Salaam and received MSc and PhD (Environmental Sciences) degrees from University of the Ryukyus, Japan. He is also a recipient of Post-Doctoral Fellowship to undertake the Environmental Sustainability Assessment using Life Cycle Assessment, Emergy and Ecological footprint at the University of Siena, Italy.
Prof. Vuai’s research includes Computational study on dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs), assessment of domestic water contamination and its relation with the prevalence of diarrhoea disease in Zanzibar Municipality, Developing the appropriate Municipal solid waste management technology to improve public health of urban community, Assessment of trace metal concentration in the atmosphere and their associated health impact Application of Life Cycle Assessment Method on assessing environmental and human toxicity, agriculture, nutritional and health and forensic toxicology. Prof. Vuai is also a member of Africa Research Implementation Science and Education (ARISE) Network form by Universities and Research institutions from seven countries. In DALILA project, I am coordination all activities assigned to the University of Dodoma. I am also a member of Stearing Committee and I will be involved in course development, implementation and dissemination of project outputs.

Stanley Ferdinand Mwanga
is a lecturer in the Department of Physics at the University of Dodoma where he has been a faculty member since 2010. He studied PhD in Material Science and Engineering (Energy Materials), 2016 from NM-AIST, MSc Physics (2012) and BSc with Education (2006) at USDM. His research interest is in Dye Sensitized Solar Cells and Perovsikte Solar Cells both Experimental and theoretical.
Stanley is DALILA Project Work package 7 team leader where he spearheads the dissemination and communication of the project activities. He also coordinates the project’s engineering courses at the University of Dodoma.

Adriano Pamain
He is an employee of University of Dodoma in Tanzania at the capacity of Assistant Lecturer in Physics department. He is currently doing his PhD with research based on Photovoltaic (PV) technologies. He did his masters in Material sciences and Engineering with research on Dye sensitized solar cells(DSSC). He has technical experience on Lab works and on installation and sizing of Photovoltaic module for both Stand alone and grid connected. Further reseach interest inludes renewable energy modelling, PV Power Electronics, Solar generation analysis and prediction, New module architectures, module components, and innovative cell designs, Data analytics for prediction of solar generation and PV system performance. Adriano is a DALILA Project member and technical team at UDOM.

Erick Domitian Nganzi
Assistant lecturer in the department of Mathematics and Statistics at University of Dodoma where he has been a faculty member since 2014. Mr. Nganzi studied MSc. Statistics, and BA Economics and Statistics at UDOM. His research interest is in Energy Economics including policies for Renewable energies.
Nganzi is a DALILA Project team member. He also coordinates the project’s Business courses at the University of Dodoma.

CPA Farida Manilwa
is an accountant at the University of Dodoma since 2014; she studied BCOM in Accounting (2012) at UDOM and Certified Public Accountant since (2016) at NBAA (National Board of Accountants and Auditors).
Ms Farida is a DALILA project Accountant at UDOM (2019).

Sahara Ventures

Jumanne Mtambalike
is an innovator and technology enthusiast, He is an Ideation (concepts development), Programme Development and Project Management Expert. Jumanne is also a technology blogger and community reformer. He likes to work with youth initiatives in areas of innovation, technology entrepreneurship and youths capacity building programmes. He has supported the establishment of innovation hubs such as Buni Innovation Hub, Kiota Hub, Ifakara Innovation Hub, and Sahara Accelerator. He was voted twice as the most influential Tanzanian in the areas of science and technology for the past two years by Avance Media. Jumanne loves to work with entrepreneurs, he has worked with over 500 startup companies and believes in adopting innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship for social good. Some of the projects he has been involved in include; Inspire100, a project to teach 100 women out of school in rural Tanzania basic digital and business skills for their livelihood, Amua Accelerator (Partnering UNFPA), innovation accelerator to help address teen pregnancy and improve SRH services to people with disability. He has also championed Africa.SDGs Photos campaign to promote the SDG goals through digital platforms and photography. Other notable projects championed by him include; Hatua Project, Mawazo Challenge, Lishe Accelerator, and Data Zetu. Jumanne believes the best way to solve a problem is through partnerships and collaboration and developing innovative sustainable business models.

Emmanuel Senzighe
is a seasonal practitioner in startup business development having worked with Sahara Accelerator for over four years. He has so far worked with over 7 high profile Accelerator supporting over 28 seed-funded startups of which some of them has acquired further funding,
He graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Information Systems and Network Engineering from St.Joseph University in Tanzania. Emmanuel is currently the Accelerator Lead at Sahara Ventures, working closely with startups and SMEs across Africa helping them to grow their early-stage businesses and being investor ready respectively.

Najma Khamis Salum
is a visionary, innovative and ambitious young leader with an entrepreneurial mindset believing in creating solutions to community problems. She has developed a strong experience engaging with innovators, government, entrepreneurs, startups and technology enthusiasts through customer engagement and projects she has managed such as; Sahara Sparks, SheFound Africa, Silicon Dar, UNFPA Tanzania Virtual Hackathon, E-kilimo, Lishe Accelerator 2, Amua 2, Coders and Makers Tanzania, Idea lab and UNICEF Covid 19 Champions. Najma believes in self-empowerment and empowering others to realize their dreams. Her role is to create communication strategies and tools, facilitating partnerships, handling communication; associate communication, crisis communications, marketing communications, customer engagement on traditional and social media platforms with strong digital marketing background. Najma holds a Diploma in Business Management from LEARN IT Institute of Business and Technology.

Mudhakir A Byarushengo
is a Partner at MH Accountants, Finance expert specialising in Corporate Finan-cial Reporting, Internal controls, Taxation and Auditing. Mudhakir has 13 years of experience in managing finances for various organisations including Symbion Power Tanzania Ltd, Goldstar Paints (T) Ltd, Bar-clays Bank-Coventry (UK), Engineering and Project Management Consultant (EPMC)-UK. Currently is working at Sahara Ventures (a group of companies) as a Chief Finance Officer and Head of Investments.
Mudhakir was responsible for setting up sound internal controls at Sahara-Consults Co.Ltd, Sahara Sparks Events Ltd, Mulika Tanzania (NGO) and Symbion Power Tanzania Ltd. Through MH accountants Mudhakir has supported various SME’s and startups to setup finance department, financial reporting, tax planning and good corporate governance compliance.
Mudhakir is affiliate with Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), Advanced Diploma in Administrative Management from Luton International College (UK), Candidate for Oxford Brooks Universi-ty MBA, with competence in various industry standard accounting software including SAGE Accpac and QuickBooks.

UMU Uganda Martyrs University

Peter Lugemwa
is a Lecturer of Entrepreneurship in the faculty of Business Administration and Management of Uganda Martyrs University, with expertise in Strategic Entrepreneurship, Marketing and Microfinance & Financial Inclusion. Peter has served in various portfolios in the faculty i.e. as Head of microfinance department (2013-2019), member of university senate (2013-2019), member of the curriculum review committee (2013-2019), member of the research and publication committee (2008-2012), member of the Quality Assurance Committee (2009-2013). Peter has served on various community projects including as adviser of Social Enterprise Project (SEP) (2014-2017) funded by the Notre Dame in the USA. The objectives of the projects were to train members of saving groups in business, entrepreneurial and financial skills and manage a revolving fund. He again served on the Student Entrepreneurship Project (STEP) 2012 -2016 which sought to equip university students with competences to enhance their entrepreneurial self efficacy and the entrepreneurship intention. The project was funded by UNESCO and Leufena University in Germany. Currently Peter is a member of the Board of Governors of the Association of Microfinance Institutions in Uganda (AMFIU).
Peter is the Head of DALILA Project in Uganda Martyrs University.

Felix Idraku
is Lecturer/Business and Finance Coach in the faculty of Business Administration of Uganda Martyrs University. He has Master of Business Administration (Finance) from Makerere University, Kampala (Uganda), a PGD in Auditing and Accounting, Central Institute of Management (India), a Bachelor of Business Administration (Financial Management) - Barkatullah University, Bhopal (India) and Advance Diploma in software Designing - Institute of software Technology, Bhopal (India). His areas of research include: Transforming Employability for Social development, Population characteristics, quality and Financial Interventionism approaches on sustainable Soci-Economic Development, Social enterprises financing and impact: measurement, tools and decision making, linkages between eco-system actors, Collective action in resource-constraints environments and hybridity of businesses etc.
On the DALILA project, Felix is the Head of Economics and Business team of Uganda Martyrs University

Milly Kaddu
is Lecturer economics and social statistics at Uganda Martyrs University/ she is also Senior Researcher with Peers Consult Uganda Limited. Milly is a PhD candidate in Energy Economics and Governance at Makerere University. She has Master of Science Development Economics from Uganda Martyrs University and Bachelor of Arts with Education (Economics major) from Kyambogo University. Her areas of Research include: Renewable energy resources, agriculture and Food security. She also has good skills in Curriculum Development.
Milly is Head of the science technical team on the DALILA project is.

Joseph Ssemakula
is communications and Monitoring and Evaluation sector planner and policy analyst. He has had extensive experience in the areas of development communication policy analysis, planning and implementation. He has done extensive work on communication policy planning, programme evaluations, programme designs, poverty and social services for rural development. He has worked as a project staff and consultant for the FAO providing input in the programme areas of communication, gender, information and policy development. He has also undertaken work in programs for skills development and rural development in various countries. He was involved in the communication strategy revision exercise where he provided support to countries that are members of FAO of the UN. He has worked as Project supervisor in rural-based ICT projects and has designed ICT supported activities for rural farmers and local governments to induce rural economic development. Joseph worked with a group of communication experts and development planners under the stewardship of GTZ, CTA, DFID, World Bank and FAO on the design of the Rural Economic and Enterprise Development (REED) program in Berlin which is a guiding framework for the work of donors for use of ICT-based services to foster on-farm and non-farm rural economic development in developing economies. He has given support to the department of Information and National guidance, office of the Prime Minister, Government of Uganda; The REDD+ program, Ministry of Water and Environment; and the Department of Research, Parliament of Uganda. He has skills in participatory policy and poverty research, monitoring and evaluation. He is well buttressed in government and international development planning and programming, post conflict programming as well as in the use of both participatory and survey methodologies of research in development studies. He is currently the Head, Innovations, Communications, Monitoring and Evaluation at the AFRICAN CENTRE FOR AGRO-ECOLOGY AND LIVELIHOOD SYSTEMS, a World Bank project Hosted by Uganda Martyrs University.
On the DALILA Projects, Joseph is charge of Monitoring, Evaluation and communications.

Achilles Ahimbisibwe
Achilles is the Associate dean at the Faculty of the Built Environment, and believes in the power for community driven approaches toward Sustainable and Energy Efficient design. Achilles has participated in various engagements Promoting Renewable Energy in Africa. Current research interests delve into urban and rural energy strategies as well as building synergies with industry partners to improve the skilling of Building and Design professionals in East Africa. As a former fellow of the Transsolar academy, he continues to connect ideas to maximize impact of available information to garner local support toward Greening Africa Together.
On the DALILA Projects Achilles is a Technical Advisor

UCU Uganda Christian University

Godfrey Sempungu
He is the DALILA project Team Leader for Uganda Christian University (UCU). He is the Associate Dean, Faculty of Business and Administration and MBA Program Coordinator at UCU. He is a Doctoral fellow in Business Administration. He holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Makerere University, Master of Philosophy in Education (M.Ph.) from NLA University College- Norway, Bachelor of Arts (UCU) -Economics and Geography, a Concurrent Diploma in Education (Dip Educ) (UCU), Doing Business in Europe (DBE) - Marketing from Hanze University of Applied Sciences - Netherlands and an ICDL- South Africa. His research interests are in Complexity Sciences, Digital Marketing, Renewable energy and sustainable business practices. He is the lead consultant for Yosef Consults (business & management training consultancy) and proprietor Ekurukuru Sanctuary. He is on several management committees and chairs boards in and outside UCU. He has trained and developed several university curricula in Uganda for close to 17 years. He is an expert in curriculum design, integration, teaching, teaching media and delivery (pedagogy and andragogy). He has also supervised several undergraduate and Master degree researches in UCU and UMU.

Miria Frances Agunyo
is an Energy and Environmental Engineer. She is the leader of the UCU DALILA technical team. She holds a Doctorate in Economic Sciences from Europa Universität Flensburg, Germany from where she also pursued a Master`s in Engineering in Renewable Energy and Environmental Management. She also holds a Bachelors in Engineering Environmental Engineering and Management from Kyambogo University, Uganda. Dr. Agunyo has over 10 years’ experience in the areas of environmental impact assessments /audits, life cycle assessments, sanitation and waste management systems, renewable energy and process engineering with focus on bioenergy. Research interests are on application of integrated approaches which combine thematic areas of sanitation, energy, agriculture and wastewater, incorporating holistic aspects of such nexuses in designing systems. She has worked as a researcher, bioenergy expert, public relations specialist with a focus on renewable energies. She has lectured at Flensburg University of Applied Sciences and Europa Universität Flensburg in Germany, Kyambogo University, Uganda and is currently a lecturer at Uganda Christian University.

Muloosi Pascal Siibi
is a fellow of the chartered institute of procurement, Lecturer and coordinator of the Procurement programs both undergraduate and graduate at Uganda Christian University. He is the Team Leader for the Economics team on the DALILA Project. He has many years of practice in procurement; sustainable chain management systems, etc. He holds a Master of Science in Procurement and Supply Chain Management, a Bachelor of arts from Makerere University. Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply (CIPS). He has implemented several projects in this sphere which have seen great uptake and adoption of sustainability practices and trends thereby managing costs and reducing on waste in the communities of focus.

Rodgers Tayebwa
is a Lecturer and the Acting Head of Engineering and Environment Department at Uganda Christian University (UCU). He is part of the technical team on the DALILA project. He holds both a Master of Science and a Post Graduate Diploma in Water and Sanitation from UCU. He is a pioneer graduate in the Master of Science in Water and Sanitation (WATSAN) in Uganda. He has training in Waste to Energy from Flensburg University of Applied Sciences in Germany and is currently a Queen Elizabeth Advanced Scholar with McMaster University, Canada. His research interests revolve around water quality management, public health engineering, integrated water resources management, waste management, maternal and child health and renewable energy. He has led various interdisciplinary teams as a researcher in developing a Biology and Chemistry Primer for Undergraduate Students, and development of community low cost household level solid waste management prototypes.

Vincent Kisenyi
is a Doctoral fellow in Business Administration; He holds a Master of Accountancy degree (Social and Environmental Accounting) from University of Dundee Scotland, Bachelor of Business Administration and Management (BBAM) Finance and accounting from Uganda Martyrs University. He is on the economics team on the DALILA project. He is the Emeritus Dean, Faculty of Business and Administration UCU; Research Interests Is in Social and Environmental accounting, Sustainability and Renewable energy. He is an Associate consultant with Altus Consult and Vinget Business Consultants; Consulting Partner with Sports Africa Consult. Chairman Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship Network; Also Vice President of Uganda Association of University Sports; 1st Vice President Uganda Wood ball Federation; he served as Chairman Board of Directors Top Finance Bank (Ltd); he is a motivational speaker passionate on soft skills and people skill.

A Sud

Laura Greco is A Sud co-founder and current president of the organisation. Laura has a post graduate degree in Ethnology at the Padua University and she has 20 years experience in international development cooperation and project management. Expert in environmental conflicts and circular economy, she also has extensive experience as a divulgator and trainer on topics such as health and the environment, women leadership. Laura is among the creators of the Italian Atlas of circular economy, a digital map promoting circular economy experiences in Italy. Laura is a member of the DALILA Steering Committee and participates in WP1, WP4 and WP8 activities.

Annalisa Cavallini
has a degree in International Cooperation and Development. For 6 years she has been heading the administrative area of A Sud, where she is responsible for the financial management of both national and European projects. In addition to her role, she carries out research and education activities in the environmental field. Within the DALILA project she participates in WP6 and WP8 activities.

Alessandra De Santis
is an A Sud's environmental educator, who also works as researcher and trainer with expertise in the field of circular economy. After studying biology at University of L'Aquila, Alessandra has got a professional GIS (Geographic Information System) qualification (University of L'Aquila) and she has attended a journalism school with focus on environmental issues. She has got expertise in sustainable development, thanks to her experience as environmental trainer and disseminator on topics such as sustainable production, consumption and waste management models. She has also been collaborating in the drafting of articles and dossiers. Alessandra is among the creators and also the coordinator of the Italian Atlas of circular economy, a digital map promoting circular economy experiences in Italy. Within the DALILA project Alessandra participates in WP1, WP4 and WP7 activities.

Lucie Greyl
is A Sud's European projects head manager and also works as a researcher and trainer with expertise in the field of environmental and climate justice. She has a master in anthropology (University Lumière Lyon 2) and in international relations (University Jean Moulin Lyon 3). She is among the creators of the international Environmental Justice Atlas EJATLAS and the Italian Atlas of Environmental Conflicts documenting environmental conflicts in Italy and at global level. Lucie is member of the DALILA Steering Committee and participates in WP2, WP6 and WP7 activities.

Marianna Stori
has over 7 years of experience working as project coordinator and researcher in programmes related to sustainable development, natural resources management, food security, sustainable tourism and climate change in Europe and Latin America. She has a degree in Political Science (University of RomaTre) and a master in Cooperation and Development studies (University La Sapienza). She worked with UN Agencies (UN Habitat in New York, FAO in Cuba, UN World Tourism Organization in Madrid), research centres focusing on environmental issues (CDCA in Italy, ICTA-UAB in Spain) and No-profit (A SUD in Italy, Local Commitees in Bolivia, EBCD in Belgium) on different key global topics such as environmental conflicts, sustainable consumption and production, circular economy and climate change. Marianna is a member of the DALILA Steering Committee, she is responsible for A Sud for the activities under WP1 and she supports the actions under WP2 and WP7.

INOMA Renovables S.L.

Leal Juarez, Francisco Javier
Technical Director of Engineering in INOMA Renovables, he is Chemical Engineer and Technical of Renewable energies. Specialized in solar thermal applications, PV and Wind turbine installations and maintenance, he has large experience in professional training in Renewable energies courses, in collaboration with Andalusian Government, Professional Association of Architects of Cadiz, Entrepreneur Association of Cadiz, and other both public and private entities.
As technical responsible of INOMA, he has also large experience in development of UE projects, such as ERASMUS+ program and LIFE+ program.

Gomez Inguanzo, Celia Mañueco
Legal Representative and majority owner of INOMA Renovables SL, she belongs to INOMA’s administrative staff in DALILA project, and is responsible of administrative tasks and general administrative control of the project in INOMA. She also has large experience in control costs in LIFE+ and ERASMUS+ projects, meeting organization and administration contacts.
Mrs. Mañueco has developed her Professional career in Human resources department, participating in training courses designed for companies, labour insertion of social groups with special needings and specific training programs for job searching.

Romero Rodriguez, Raul
Mr. Romero has a large professional career developed in different electrical maintenance companies and is Purchasing Manager in INOMA Renovables SL. Due to his important background in Renewable Energies Providers relations, time control and cost control in Renewable Energy projects, his experience is very useful for technical supporting to engineering staff, specially in budget calculation of technical works related to Renewable energies projects.
He has also worked as professional expertise in Electricity and PV installation maintenance, High and Low voltage, and has collaborated in other European projects, as LIFE+ and ERASMUS+ calls.

Jimenez Mañueco, Gonzalo
Student of Mechanical Engineering, he has collaborated in different Renewable energy projects, in RE maintenance plans and have experience in international environments. Technical skills: Operative Systems, Community manager.